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  1. Acker, Paul. Anniversary Collection.
  2. Aguasvivas, Patricia. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow..
  3. Alexander, Dorothy. Beyond the Rift.
  4. Allegretti, Joel. Beyond the Rift; Father Silicon; Meta-Land; The Plague Psalms; Tales of Terror 2.
  5. Allingham, William. Tales of Terror 1.
  6. Alpert, Jennie K. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  7. Anderheggen, Carol. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  8. Anderson, Dawne. Poets Fortnightly (RI) 3.
  9. Andreyev, Leonid. Two Russian Exiles.
  10. Artsybashev, Mikhail. Two Russian Exiles.
  11. Azzouni, Jody. Hereafter Landscapes; The Lust for Blueprints.
  12. Badagliacca, Raphael. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land.
  13. Bailis, Moira. The Antidote to Prejudice; It Has To Do With Seeing.
  14. Baker, Kim. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  15. Baker, Maureen. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  16. Banchoff, Lynore. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  17. Barber, Phil. Anniversary Collection..
  18. Barlow, Joel. Tales of Terror 1.
  19. Barrale, John. Meta-Land.
  20. Baudelaire, Charles. Tales of Terror 1.
  21. Beddoes, Thomas Lovell. Tales of Terror 2.
  22. Belvedere, Caterina. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land.
  23. Benét, Stephen Vincent. Tales of Terror 2.
  24. Bergeron, Susan. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  25. Bernstock, Norma Ketzis. Meta-Land.
  26. Besser, Katherine. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  27. Bey, Hakim. Chaos; Poets Fortnightly (RI) 4.
  28. Blais, Gary. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  29. Blazer, Stuart. Poets Fortnightly (RI) 1.
  30. Boccaccio, Giovanni. Tales of Wonder 2.
  31. Boncek, Barbara. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  32. Boss, Laura. Meta-Land.
  33. Brafman, Sylvia. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  34. Brown, Nancy. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  35. Browning, Robert. Tales of Terror 1.
  36. Bunbury, Henry. Tales of Wonder 1.
  37. Burge, Barbara As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  38. Bürger, Gottfried August. Tales of Wonder 1 and 2.
  39. Burns, Robert. Tales of Wonder 2.
  40. Burt, Lucille. Neither Created Nor Destroyed.
  41. Bush, Lawrence. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  42. Byron, George Gordon. Tales of Terror 1.
  43. Campbell, William Wilfred. Tales of Terror 2.
  44. Carnevale, Joanne. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  45. Carothers, Robert. Freedom and Other Times; Wrenches (ed).
  46. Carpenter, Bill. RI Writers’ Circle 2003, 2007.
  47. Carter, Ruth Hughes. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  48. Carrara, Carli. Anniversary Collection.
  49. Cataldo, Robert. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  50. Cavallone, Catherine Cimillo. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land
  51. Cawein, Madison. Tales of Terror 2.
  52. Chandler, Tom. One Tree Forest; Poets Fortnightly (RI) 4; Rhode Island Writers’ Circle 2010; The Sound the Moon Makes As It Watches.
  53. Cherkes, Joseph K. Poets Fortnightly (RI) 5.
  54. Chorazy, John. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land.
  55. Christine, Lisa. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  56. Christina, Martha. Anniversary Collection.
  57. Church, Dave. Poets Fortnightly (RI) 3.
  58. Clark, Dorothy S. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  59. Clarke, J. J. The Crow of the Moon.
  60. Coleman, Debra Rogers. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  61. Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. Tales of Terror 1.
  62. Colman, George, Jr. Tales of Wonder 2.
  63. Corwin, Brenda. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  64. Costa, K. Elizabeth. Beyond the Rift.
  65. Coulehan, Jack. RI Writers’ Circle 2007, 2010.
  66. Cryan, Catherine. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  67. D’Fabio, Carol. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  68. D’Ordine, Helen. RI Writers’ Circle 2007, 2008.
  69. DaFazio, Marjorie. A Quiet Noise.
  70. Darley, George. Tales of Terror 1.
  71. Davidson, Richard. Ribbon of Smoke and Stars; Song of Walt Whitman.
  72. Dawson, Cyndi. Meta-Land.
  73. DeCredico, Jesann Dunn. Anniversary Collection.
  74. De la Mare, Walter. Tales of Terror 2.
  75. de Weever, Jacqueline. Meta-Land; Rice-Wine Ghosts; Trailing the Sun’s Sweat.
  76. Derman, Aza. Beyond the Rift.
  77. Dobkins-Dikinis, Claudia. First Poems, Tales of Terror 2.
  78. Dolphin, Diane. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  79. Dowd, Juditha. Meta-Land.
  80. Dragonette, Ree. Apogee.
  81. Drinkwater, John. Tales of Terror 2.
  82. Drucker, Joseph. Blood and Other Poems.
  83. Drummy, Christopher. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  84. Dryden, John. Tales of Wonder 2.
  85. Duguid, Sandra. Meta-Land.
  86. Dutra, Jesse. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  87. Edwards, Gigi. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  88. Eklund, George. The Infant Dawn.
  89. Ellis, Pomona. The Promise of Another Tomorrow.
  90. Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Poets Fortnightly (RI) 6.
  91. Evrard, Connie. Anniversary Collection.
  92. Erbe, Arthur. Continuum.
  93. Ericson, Allen As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  94. Fagen, Nellie. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  95. Ferrari, Mary. Chamber Music (introduction); Lights in the Water (introduction).
  96. Finn, Catherine. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  97. Fitzroy, A.T. (pseud. Rose Allatini). Despised and Rejected.
  98. Flecker, James Elroy. Tales of Terror 2.
  99. Fletcher, Ada M. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  100. Flores, Ana. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  101. Flynn, George. The High Ground; Zingers.
  102. Freedgood, Laura. Meta-Land.
  103. Furlong, Alice. Tales of Terror 2.
  104. Gabrie-Garcia, Estrella. Beyond the Rift.
  105. Gander, Forrest. Anniversary Collection.
  106. Garner, Matrick C. Anniversary Collection.
  107. Garrett, Davidson. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land.
  108. Gautier, Theophile. Tales of Terror 1.
  109. Gerig, Bruce. Miss Clam and Miss Claw; The Perfect Man.
  110. Gerrish, Deborah. Meta-Land.
  111. Giguere. Louise. RI Writers’ Circle 2007, 2008.
  112. Giles, Dolores. Arguello East and the Bluebird of Happiness; Stepchildren of Arguello East.
  113. Givant, Jim. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  114. Glasgow, Boruk. Adventures of Little Self.; A Mobile Alchemy; Rare Book Renegade; Solid State; Tale of a Sufi Surfer.
  115. Glen, Emilie. 77 Barrow Street.; Dark of Earth; Glenda and Her Guitar, Emilie and Her Piano; A Hero Somewhat; Late to the Kitchen; Moon Laundry; Poets Fortnightly; Roast Swan; The Writings of Emilie Glen 1, 2, 3 and 4; Twat Shot; Up to Us Chickens.
  116. Glover, Richard. Tales of Wonder 2.
  117. Gobeille, Lynnie. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  118. Goethe, Johann Wolfgang. Tales of Wonder 1; Tales of Terror 1.
  119. Goldman, Matthew. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  120. Gombar, Christina. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  121. Gordon, Elissa. Meta-Land.
  122. Gordon, Elizabeth. Anniversary Collection.
  123. Gould, Henry. Anniversary Collection.
  124. Graves, Robert. Tales of Terror 2.
  125. Gray, Thomas. Tales of Wonder 2.
  126. Greaves, Charles R. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  127. Greco, Emilie. Things to Do When Dead.
  128. Green, Frances H. Tales of Terror 1.
  129. Grey, John. Poets Fortnightly (RI) 5.
  130. Gridley, Inex George As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  131. Griffon, Ransom. Anniversary Collection.
  132. Grimes, Susan. Anniversary Collection.
  133. Hale, Stephen S. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  134. Hall, Jonathan. Beyond the Rift.
  135. Halscheid, Therése. Meta-Land.
  136. Hammer, Patrick, Jr. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land.
  137. Hanrahan, Gayle. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  138. Hardy, Thomas. Tales of Terror 2.
  139. Harrington, Henry. Tales of Wonder 2.
  140. Harvilla, George. Beyond the Rift.
  141. Hayn, Annette. Calendar House; Chamber Music; The Crossing; Enemy on the Way to School; Journeys Around One Point; One Armed Flyer; Poets Fortnightly (RI) 6.
  142. Heaton, Lois B. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  143. Heermans, Lilian. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  144. Heine, Heinrich. Germany: A Winter’s Tale; Tales of Terror 1.
  145. Herder, Johann Gottfried. Tales of Wonder 1.
  146. Hockmuth, Manfred J. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  147. Higgins, Rachel Shepard. Anniversary Collection.
  148. Holland, Barbara A. Autumn Numbers; Autumn Wizard; The Beckoning Eye; Burrs; Collected Poems 1; Crises of Rejuvenation 1 and 2; In the Shadows; On This High Hill; May Eve; Medusa; Out of Avernus; Poets Fortnightly NY (ed); Poets Fortnightly (RI) 6; The Secret Agent; The Shipping on the Styx; Tales of Terror 2; Things to Do When Dead (introduction).
  149. Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Tales of Terror 1.
  150. Holt, Dennis. Poets Fortnightly (RI) 3.
  151. Hoover, Susan. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  152. Horowitz, Mikhail. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  153. Howard, David. RI Writers’ Circle 2007, 2008, 2010.
  154. Hubbard, Karen. Meta-Land.
  155. Hugo, Victor. Tales of Terror 1.
  156. Humphrey, Josh. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land.
  157. Hynes, R. G. RI Writers’ Circle 2007, 2008.
  158. Ivanova, Asya. Meta-Land.
  159. Jaworowski, Peter. Beyond the Rift.
  160. Johnson, Lionel Pigot. Tales of Terror 2.
  161. Jones, Thomas D. Beyond the Rift; Genealogy X; Voices from the Void.
  162. Jonson, Ben. Tales of Wonder 2.
  163. Kane, George. Anniversary Collection.
  164. Katsarou, Vasiliki. Meta-Land.
  165. Katz, Michael. The Crossing.
  166. Keats, John. Tales of Terror 1.
  167. Keen, Suzanne. Anniversary Collection.
  168. Kelley, Kathleen M. The Waiting Room.
  169. Kelly, Tina. Meta-Land.
  170. Kendall, Henry. Tales of Terror 2.
  171. Keough, Jan. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  172. King, Mary Ellen. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  173. Kinnell, Galway. Anniversary Collection.
  174. Kirsch, Nancy. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  175. Kleckner, Ingrid Wild. RI Writers’ Circle 2003, 2007.
  176. Kline, Christi Shannon. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  177. Korsun, Risa. Crossroads of Time.
  178. Kranz, Gary. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  179. Krips, Lawrence J. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  180. Kuster, Ellen. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  181. La Neve, Denise. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land.
  182. Lafleche, Ellen. Workers’ Rites.
  183. Laliberte, Richard. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  184. Lambe, Robert. Tales of Wonder 2.
  185. Langdon, Robert P. Meta-Land.
  186. Lantz, Thelma. Anniversary Collection.
  187. LaVeglia, Deborah. Meta-Land.
  188. Ledwige, Francis. Tales of Terror 2.
  189. Leonard, Mary. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  190. Letcher, Tina. Anniversary Collection.
  191. Lev, Donald. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow; There Is Still Time.</li>
  192. Levin, B. J. Anniversary Collection.
  193. Levinson, Robert. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  194. Lewis, Matthew Gregory. Tales of Wonder 1 and 2.
  195. Leyden, John. Tales of Wonder 1.
  196. Lisle, Thomas. Tales of Wonder 2.
  197. LoLo, LuLu. Meta-Land.
  198. Long, Frank Belknap. Tales of Terror 2.
  199. Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. Poets Fortnightly (RI) 4; Tales of Terror 1.
  200. Loranger, Richard. Beyond the Rift.
  201. Lord, Leila. Anniversary Collection.
  202. Lovecraft, Howard Phillips. Night Gaunts; Tales of Terror 2.
  203. Lowe, John. Tales of Wonder 2.
  204. Lucianna, Roy. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land.
  205. Lum, Marguerite. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  206. Lyman, Richard. (pseud. Richard Bush Brown). In the Silence of Scorpions.
  207. Lyon, Brant. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land.
  208. MacArthur, Leith. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  209. Mack, Michael. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  210. Maguire, Tom. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  211. Mallet, David. Tales of Wonder 2.
  212. Mandel, Charlotte. Meta-Land.
  213. Mariani, Robert. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  214. Mariani, Robert. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  215. Marlow, James E. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  216. Marsella, Celeste. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  217. Marszalkowski, Alyson. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  218. Martin, Celest. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  219. Martin, Patricia. Poets Fortnightly (RI) 4.
  220. McCall, Patrick Joseph. Tales of Terror 2.
  221. Melhem, D.H. Notes on 94th Street.
  222. Melville, Herman. Tales of Terror 1.
  223. Messineo, David. The Antidote to Prejudice (ed); Beyond the Rift; It Has to Do With Seeing (ed); Meta-Land; Twenty Minutes of Calm. Beyond the Rift.
  224. Metzger, Th. Hydrogen Sleep and Speed.
  225. Mickle, William Julius. Tales of Wonder 1.
  226. Miller, Edmund: Fucking Animals.
  227. Milstein, Stuart. A Dream in Eden; The Tenth Muse Anthology (ed).
  228. Mohr, Marilyn. Meta-Land.
  229. Molinari, Jan. RI Writers’ Circle 2008, 2010.
  230. Monro, Harold. Tales of Terror 2.
  231. Moore, Thomas. Tales of Terror 1.
  232. Morrisey, Brian. Poets Fortnightly (RI) 4
  233. Morrison, Morris R. Prologue and Performances.
  234. Mueller, Mary. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  235. Mueller, Mary. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  236. Muir, Robert. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  237. Mullin, Rick. Meta-Land.
  238. Murphy, Stanley. Short Poems for a Long Journey.
  239. Murray, Catherine. Lights in the Water.
  240. Myers, Gene. Beyond the Rift.
  241. Nash, Paul. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land.
  242. Newman, Louis. Burn, Yellow Candle, Burn; Tear Down the Walls
  243. O’Brien, Ashley. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  244. O’Byrne, Cathal. Tales of Terror 2.
  245. O’Connell, David. A Better Way to Fall.
  246. Pabodie, William J. Poets Fortnightly (RI) 2, 3.
  247. Parkinson, Janet. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  248. Parnell, Thomas. Tales of Wonder 2.
  249. Patrtridge, Thomas. Anniversary Collection.
  250. Patoine, Noël. RI Writers’ Circle 2007, 2008.
  251. Paul, Michael. Anniversary Collection.
  252. Payne, John Burnett. Emily and Walt, Walt and Emily.
  253. Pearson, Rose. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  254. Pearson, Victoria. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  255. Percy, Thomas. Tales of Wonder 1 and 2.
  256. Persson, Michael. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  257. Petell, John. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  258. Phillips, Jeffrey. Poets Fortnightly (RI) 6.
  259. Pierannunzi, Patricia. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  260. Plante, Tom. Meta-Land.
  261. Plunkett, Joseph. Tales of Terror 2.
  262. Poe, Edgar Allan. Break Every Bond; Last Flowers; Tales of Terror 1.
  263. Poloskey, Marianne. Beyond the Rift.
  264. Post, Suzanne Gili. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land.
  265. Powell, Shirley. Alternate Lives; As If They World Had Not Known Sorrow; May Eve; Other Rooms; Poets Fortnightly (RI) 4;Rooms; Tales of Terror 2; Villages and Towns; Womansong (ed).
  266. Pushkin, Alexander. Tales of Terror 1.
  267. Quinn, Daniel P. Beyond the Rift.
  268. Quirk, Jamie McNeely. Beyond the Rift.
  269. Rabinowitz, Jacob. Germany: A Winter’s Tale (transl); Poets Fortnightly (RI) 3; Tales of Terror 2.
  270. Rashbaum, Burt. Of the Carousel.
  271. Rathenow, Lutz. Kontakte.
  272. Read, Charles. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  273. Rich, Morton D. Meta-Land.
  274. Rich, Susanna. Beware the House; Beyond the Rift.
  275. Rickerby, Wanda A. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  276. Riley, James Whitcomb. Tales of Terror 2.
  277. Rivera, Eddie. Beyond the Rift.
  278. Roderick, John M. Anniversary Collection.
  279. Roger of Wendover. Tales of Wonder 2.
  280. Rogers, Robert Cameron. Tales of Terror 2.
  281. Ronan, Stephen. Poets Fortnightly (RI) 2
  282. Rosenberg, James B. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  283. Rossetti, Christina. Tales of Terror 1.
  284. Rother, Robert. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  285. Rue, Denise. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land.
  286. Russell, C.D. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land.
  287. Ruth, Alison. Meta-Land.
  288. Rutherford, Brett. An Expectation of Presences; Anniversarius: The Book of Autumn; At Lovecraft;s Grave; Beyond the Rift; City Limits; Crackers at Midnight; The Doll Without A Face; Dr. Jones and Other Terrors; Fête; Five Plays and a Monologue; The Gods As They Are, On Their Planets; In Chill November; May Eve; Meta-Land; Night Gaunts; Poems from Providence; Poets Fornightly; Prometheus Chained; Prometheus on Fifth Avenue; Providence Lovecraft Friends; The Pumpkined Heart; RI Writers’ Circle 2007, 2008, 2010; Songs of the I and Thou; Things Seen in Graveyards; Thunderpuss: In Memoriam; Trilobite Love Song; Twilight of the Dictators; Whippoorwill Road. Also, essays, forewords, and introductions in The Beckoning Eye; Break Every Bond; Crises of Rejuvenation; Death and the Downs; Despised and Rejected; Germany: A Winter’s Tale; Last Flowers; May Eve; Medusa; Moon Laundry; Out of Avernus; The Secret Agent; The Shipping on the Styx; Tales of Terror 1 and 2; Tales of Wonder 1 and 2; Two Russian Exiles; The Writings of Emilie Glen 1,2,3 and 4.
  289. Salacan, John. Beyond the Rift.
  290. Salisbury, Toni. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  291. Saller, Nick. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  292. Sanford, Sally. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  293. Sapia, Joseph Andrew. Beyond the Rift.
  294. Sax, Boria. Animals in the Third Reich; I Am That Snowflake; Kontakte (transl); The Raven and the Sun.
  295. Sasso, lawrence J. Anniversary Collection.
  296. Schlapak, Andrew. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  297. Schweitzer, Barbara. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  298. Schweitzer, Barbara. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  299. Scollard, Clinton. Tales of Terror 2.
  300. Scott, Sir Walter. Tales of Wonder 1 & 2; Tales of Terror 1.
  301. Scott, William Bell. Tales of Terror 1.
  302. Shannahan, Kathleen. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  303. Shanly, Charles Dawson. Tales of Terror 2.
  304. Sharma, Yuyutsu. Meta-Land.
  305. Sheff, Michael. RI Writers’ Circle 2008, 2010.
  306. Shelley, Anne. Anniversary Collection.
  307. Shelley, Percy Bysshe. Tales of Terror 1.
  308. Silent Lotus. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  309. Simpson, Julia Meylor. RI Writers’ Circle 2007, 2008.
  310. Simpson, Ruth. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  311. Sivack, Denis. Apogee.
  312. Sloper, Samuel. Tales of Terror 2.
  313. Smith, Clark Ashton. Tales of Terror 2.
  314. Smith, June. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  315. Smith, Walter Chalmers. Tales of Terror 2.
  316. Smollett, Tobias. Tales of Wonder 2.
  317. Solod, Fredi. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  318. Sologub, Fyodor. Tales of Terror 1.
  319. Sorley, Charles Hamilton. Death and the Downs.
  320. Southey, Robert. Tales of Wonder 1 and 2.
  321. Spina, Vincent. Dialogue.
  322. Spitteler, Carl. Tales of Terror 2.
  323. Squire, John Collings. Tales of Terror 1 (transl); Tales of Terror 2.
  324. Stalzer, David. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  325. Starr, Lisa. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  326. Stedman, Edmund Clarence. Tales of Terror 2.
  327. Stewart, Christopher. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  328. Stewart, Diane K. Anniversary Collection.
  329. Stone, Carole. Meta-Land.
  330. Sullivan, Heather. RI Writers’ Circle 2008, 2010.
  331. Sullivan, Janet. Anniversary Collection.
  332. Summers, S. Thomas. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land.
  333. Swinburne, Algernon. Tales of Terror 1.
  334. Szpila, Joseph. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  335. Sydlowski, Rachel. Anniversary Collection.
  336. Tahir, Sara. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  337. Tantra-zawadi. Meta-Land.
  338. Taylor, Ellen. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  339. Taylor, Marcia. RI Writers’ Circle 2010.
  340. Taylor, William (of Norwich). Tales of Wonder 2.
  341. Tennyson, Alfred. Tales of Terror 1.
  342. Thomas, Scott. Tales of Terror 2.
  343. Toler, Nicki. RI Writers’ Circle 2007.
  344. Trause, John J. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land.
  345. Tryon, Grace. RI Writers’ Circle 2007, 2008.
  346. Tynan, Katherine. Tales of Terror 2.
  347. Umbers, Doris. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land.
  348. Utterback, Shirley A. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  349. Vanderbeck, Pieter. Coffee Break; Poets Fortnightly; Tales of Terror 2; Twilight of the Dictators.
  350. Veasey, Jack. Handful of Hair; The Dance That Begins and Begins; May Eve; Shapely; Sonneteria; Tales of Terror 2.
  351. Vincenti, David. Meta-Land.
  352. Vieira, Patricia. Anniversary Collection.
  353. Vogt, Gregory A. Anniversary Collection.
  354. Wagner, Richard. Tales of Terror 2.
  355. Warden, Galen. Beyond the Rift; Meta-Land.
  356. Warlick, Wendy. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  357. Washburn, Don. The Boy From Under the Trees; In the Eye of the Red-Tailed Hawk; Prayer Beads.
  358. Waters, Chris. RI Writers’ Circle 2008.
  359. Weathers-Parry, Patricia. RI Writers’ Circle 2003.
  360. Whitin, Charles P. RI Writers’ Circle 2007, 2010.
  361. Whitlow, Carolyn Beard. Anniversary Collection.
  362. Whitman, Sarah Helen. Break Every Bond: Sarah Helen Whitman in Providence; Last Flowers; Poets Fortnightly (RI) 4; Tales of Terror 1.
  363. Whittier, John Greenleaf. Tales of Terror 1.
  364. Wilde, Oscar. Tales of Terror 2.
  365. Williams-Hubbard, Barbara. Meta-Land.
  366. Witte, George. Meta-Land.
  367. Wright, Robert E. As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow.
  368. Yakovlev, Anton. Meta-Land.
  369. Yeats, William Butler. Tales of Terror 2.
  370. Young, Michael T. Meta-Land.
  371. Zeltzer, Joel. Shadows in Light.
  372. Zirilli, Donald. Beyond the Rift.

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