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Songs of the I and Thou, by Brett Rutherford — This is Brett Rutherford's first collection of poetry, from 1968, scanned from the last surviving copy in our archives. This book contains the poet's earliest extant works, from his Whitman-Ginsberg period. Some of these poems were premiered in coffeehouses in the Haight-Ashbury district and published in The Haight-Ashbury Free Press. Printed at Edinboro State University in Pennsylvania, this book reflects the author's fascination with Elbert Hubbard and the Roycrofters, mixed with a dose of San Fancisco psychdelia. The books were printed via mimeograph, employing a photographic stencil-making system developed by the Gestetner Company; this made is possible to reproduce line drawings via mimeograph. Some of the printed pages were then hand-marbled, and the book was sewn. About 100 copies were made, numbered and autographed; twelve of these were bound hardcover by a commercial bookbinder in Erie, PA. (NEW 09/2010)

City Limits, by Brett Rutherford — Another long out-of-print early book by Brett Rutherford, this chapbook's title poem is a nine-part cathartic recollection of the author's calamitous last days in San Francisco in 1967, culminating in a police riot on Halloween night. During his first two years in New York City, this poem-in-progress was Rutherford's most-read work at readings. Still reflecting the influence of Whitman and Ginsberg, these poems now count as "juvenilia," but here they are, warts and all. (NEW 09/2010)

In the Shadows, by Barbara A. Holland. A chapbook of ghost poems and elegies, including Barbara's frequently-asked for poem about the ghost haunting St. Mark's Church in the Bouwerie in New York City. (NEW 12/2009)


Now available for free download, here is a facsimile of Brett Rutherford's 1973 chapbook, The Pumpkined Heart, his first outpouring of neo-Romantic lyric poems, inspired by the natural surroundings of a village in Northwest Pennsylvania where the poet attended college intermittently. This collection, with intense black-and-white photography by David Murphy, captures the history and pre-history of a glacial lake, its Native American dwellers, and its pioneer settlers. The poet's long cycle of autumn poems, Anniversarium, commences here, and the two "Water Music" poems convey a sense of union with the elements and raw, inhuman nature, a subsuming of the human into the cosmos. While most of these poems have been revised, or are being revised for the forthcoming book, The Pumpkined Heart: Pennsylvania Poems, this chapbook has its own integrity and marks this writer's first mature poems. The first edition was limited to 500 copies, printed by the author at The Poet's Press loft in Manhattan. Scarce copies are offered for outrageous prices by dealers on the Internet, so here is the book for those who want to see it and read it, free. CLICK HERE to download the PDF.

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A Dream in Eden, by Stuart Milstein

Genealogy X, by Thomas D. Jones (Excerpts)

In Chill November, by Brett Rutherford

Collected Poems, Volume 1 by Barbara A. Holland

May Eve: A Festival of Supernatural Poetry (1975 edition)

The Pumpkined Heart by Brett Rutherford

Rails Away by Emilie Glen


Bullet3 Apples of Sodom and Gomorrah -- Barbara A. Holland. A blood-curdling poem of jealousy, as a witch murders her rival's babies. "Three have already been extinguished -- one more means nothing..."

Bullet3 Resurrection of the Devil -- Claudia Dobkins-Dikinis. Rosemary wasn't the devil's only mistress...

Bullet3 Legions of Bats -- Shirley Powell. A masterpiece of atmosphere, letting you enter into the dark world of night-flyers.

Bullet3 Madwoman --Shirley Powell. Explore her psyche, if you dare...

Bullet3 Fête -- Brett Rutherford. A passionate neo-Romantic poem of love, revenge and magic. "I am Love's Anti-Christ..."Also see the Illustrated Chapbook of the first version of this poem.

Bullet3 Huldra -- Barbara A. Holland. Based on Norwegian folklore.

Bullet3 Horror Story -- Claudia Dobkins-Dikinis.

Bullet3 Collectors, The -- Brett Rutherford. Based on the images in several paintings by Belgian surrealist René Magritte.

Bullet3 Imagined Dinner at Barbara Holland's . -- Claudia Dobkins-Dikinis. No one ever saw the inside of Barbara Holland's Greenwhich Village apartment--at least no one who lived to tell. Here, her friend Claudia speculates about dinner chez Holland...

Bullet3 Take Flight to Montreal! -- Barbara A. Holland. Barbara learns that BR has installed a Lovecraftian watchdog to protect his Sixth Avenue loft...

Bullet3 Sorcerer's Complaint, The -- Brett Rutherford. BR gets back at Barbara with a little weather magic...

Bullet3 Message, A -- Shirley Powell

Bullet3 Getting Thicker -- Shirley Powell. Shirley wrote several poems about people being shut in, trapped, or consumed by their own houses. This is a splendid piece of horror--or paranoia...

Bullet3 Sweet Revenge Does Have Its Rewards -- Claudia Dobkins-Dikinis. Or, how to get even with old boyfriends or bosses...

Bullet3 Counselor for the Dead -- Claudia Dobkins-Dikinis.

Bullet3 Voice - Claudia Dobkins-Dikinis.

Bullet3 Black Sabbath -- Barbara A. Holland. This is, perhaps, the 20th Century's most terrifying poem...

Bullet3 Literary Revival, A -- Brett Rutherford. In Ray Bradbury's dystopian vision, Fahrenheit 451, futuristic fireman invade people's homes to burn their books. This poem was inspired by Bradbury's terrifying book, and takes place in the bleak geometries of Cooper Square at St. Mark's Place in New York.

Bullet3 American Goat Woman, The - Shirley Powell. A tale from the Great Plains...

Bullet3 Under the Bed -- Shirley Powell. Don't read this little prose poem in bed...

Bullet3 May Eve -- Brett Rutherford. A small-town graveyard where a strange secret society gathers annually on Walpurgis Night.

Bullet3 By Moonlight, Surely, They'll Dance -- Brett Rutherford. A pioneer graveyard where skeletons dance, and make love...

Bullet3 Perhaps as many as thirty — Jody Azzouni.

Bullet3 Making do — Jody Azzouni.

Bullet3 When we dead awaken — Jody Azzouni.

Bullet3 Benediction — Jody Azzouni.

Bullet3 Medusa variations — Jody Azzouni.

Bullet3 Something to keep us company while you're away — Jody Azzouni.

Bullet3 Christmas morning — Jody Azzouni.

Bullet3 Barbara Holland — Dan Wilcox

Bullet3 Writer's Block — Brett Rutherford. A poem inspired by Magritte and obliquely about the writing habits and psyche of Barbara A. Holland.

Bullet3 Ashes and Equinox, Mars in Conjunction — Brett Rutherford. An elegy for Barbara Holland.

Bullet3 About Barbara — Shirley Powell.

Bullet3 Real Poet — Shirley Powell. Concerning Barbara A. Holland.

Bullet3 Barbara Holland — D.H. Melhem.

Bullet3 Doxology — Joel Allegretti.

Bullet3 Last Moor Departs from Spain — Joel Allegretti.

Bullet3 Singer, The — Joel Allegretti..

Bullet3 Elegy for Erik — Joel Allegretti. Yes, that Erik, the Phantom.

Bullet3 Delilah —Annette Hayn..

Bullet3 Unlikely Marriage —Annette Hayn. John Ashbery sets up housekeeping with Emily Dickinson.

Bullet3 Half Way — Annette Hayn.

Bullet3 Three Seasons — Annette Hayn..

Bullet3 Delilah — D.H. Melhem.


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